Terra Arcana

Frédéric Bolduc

January 1, 2014

Terra Arcana banner

Terra Arcana is a LARP event hosted twice per year in Saint-Apollinaire, QC, co-founded by me and 4 other LARP enthusiasts in 2013. Our mission is to bring LARP players a collaborative storytelling experience that focuses on teamplay through a rich and innovative game system built from scratch, as well as deep character development through tailored quests made in collaboration with the players themselves.

I am the lead developer of Terra Arcana’s online presence. The website is a major part of our product and offers an unparalleled featureset in the LARP world. Players can create and edit their own characters on the website, as well as browse the entire game system. They can then buy their characters skills through a sprawling graph-based skill tree, with XP points earned by attending Terra Arcana events or participating in the website’s ongoing forum animation.

The website is currently undergoing a entire rehaul to bring in new features as well as a completely redesigned user experience. We are harnessing the power of open-source to ensure our website will continue to thrive in the years to come and enhance our deep connection with the community.